le lycee activites


Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of extra- curricula activities organised by the lycée during a typical school year.

Educational Activities

  • “Dustbin day”: Recycling awareness day in the context of the Eco-Schools label, collection of toys, clothes and medicine for the charity Aide en Raid (all classes)
  • Visits to Geneva university bioscope to study DNA (2nde class), digestion (5ème class) and neuroscience (1er S class)
  • “Clean Up day”: rubbish pick up in nearby forests, parks and riversides (6ème class)Lycée Science Festival: scientific discovery and experiments (classes of 6ème to 3ème)
  • Visit to Geneva university: microbiology experiments (Terminale S class)
  • Visit to Geneva university to study the experimental protocol and changes of states in the physioscope (Primary)
  • Talent week: various student presentations (all classes)
  • French Language Festival: assorted linguistic games (6ème to 3ème classes)
  • World Poetry Day: presentation by poet and singer Pierre Alain and creation and presentation of poems by students 5 Primary to 2nde classes)
  • Visit to Geneva university to study human behaviour in the bioscope (4ème class)
  • Kangaroo maths competition (all classes)
  • Trip to the Salève mountain: biology and geology experiments (1erS class)
  • First Aid training (Primary and 3ème classes)Internet and Plagiarism Awareness campaign (Primary to 3ème classes)
  • Traditional food specialities during Spanish class (4ème to Terminale classes)
  • French and foreign language book club (Primary to 3ème)
  • Penfriend letter exchange with Spanish high school in Barcelona (1er class)
  • Highway code awareness (4ème class)
  • Digestion workshop at University Medical centre (Primary classes)
  • Visit to Geneva university bioscope to study stress and the human body
  • Start-up creation with Graines d’entrepreneurs (3ème class)
  • Eco-Schools cross-disciplinary project: Waste Land, the cycle of hazardous waste (2nde class)
  • Book collection: Eco-Schools whole school project


  • Copyright conference organised by Swissimage (Primary to 2nde)
  • Humanit Art humanitarian action conferences (all classes)
  • Bullying conference by Mr Franchino (5ème to 3ème classes)
  • Presentation of Marche de L’Espoir, sponsored walk in favour of the charity Terre des Hommes
  • Fire Prevention presentation (Primary classes)
  • Conference on the history of the UK and Ireland, given in English by Mrs Harris ( 2nde class)
  • Eco-Schools label and information (Primary to 1er classes)
  • Conference on Cyrano de Bergerac by C. Girard from the Carouge theatre ( ème, 2nd and 1er classes)
  • Conference on Chekhov’s Swan Song by C. Girard from the Carouge theatre (2nd and 1er classes)
  • Conference given by Eva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank and Auschwitz survivor (4ème to Terminale classes)

Museums and exhibitions

  • “Labyrinthes initiatiques” by Chufy in the Humanit Art gallery (6ème class)
  • The Saga of Giants in Geneva’s BFM (Bâtiment des Forces Motrices) (Primary classes)
  • Australian Aboriginal Art in the Geneva museum of ethnography (6ème class)
  • Guided visit behind the scenes at Geneva’s natural history museum (2nde class)
  • Avenches Gallo-Roman museum (Latin students from every class)
  • Lyon biannual modern art exhibition (1er and Terminale classes
  • Maison du Salève: discovery of ecosystems and fossil construction (5ème class)
  • La Cité du Temps: Works by Rey and Timer (6ème class)
  • Ai Weiwei exhibition at Lausanne’s Beaux-Art museum (1er L and TL Art classes)

Study Trips

  • Freiburg, Germany (Primary classes)
  • Ardeche, France: prehistory around the Pont d’Arc cave (6ème class)
  • Gliers mountain plateau: pot-holing (5ème class)
  • Dublin (4ème, 3ème and 2nde classes)
  • Language exchange with OBS school, Zurich (3ème)
  • English immersion course, Bristol (1er)

Sporting Activities

  • Initiation to mountain sports and via ferrata climbing with guide J.M. Boimond (6ème to 3ème classes)
  • Ice skating (Primary to 4ème classes)
  • Swimming (all classes)
  • Football tournament (Primary to 2nde classes)
  • Ski camp in saint Gervais, including a night in Amis Montagnards chalet (6ème and 5ème classes)
  • Skiing in Sommand (Primary classes)
  • Sports day at Bout du Monde stadium (Primary to 2nde classes)
  • Cross country running at Vesy (Primary to 2nde classes)
  • The traditional Geneva Escalade race through the Old Town, entrance offered to every student and teacher, participation optional
  • Participation in Terre des Homme’s sponsored walk (Primary to 2nde classes)

Career Advice

  • Geneva University Open Day and presentation of various faculties (1èr and Terminale class)Visit to career advice centre,
  • Geneva (4ème class) and in-school presentation of the centre (all classes)
  • In-school Career and Training Forum attended by Swiss and French universities, various companies, schools, etc. (All classes)
  • Visit to EPF (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale) Lausanne (Terminale S class)
  • Geneva University “Boussole” course and class attendance in chosen faculty (Terminale classes)
  • Visit of Lausanne catering school (école hôtelière) (Terminale classes)


  • “Lettre de non motivation” by V. Thomasset, Carouge theatre (3ème)“J’aime ma Planète”, “L’Empereur”, and “La Vallée des Loups” at Grütli cinema (Primary classes)
  • by Plato performed by The company Plato’s friends in Annecy (Terminale L)
  • “Le Chat du Cygne” by Anton Chekhov, Carouge theatre (2nde and 1er classes)
  • “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand, Carouge theatre (4ème, 2nde, and 1er classes)
  • “Cold Blood” by Michèle de Mey, Carouge theatre (1er L class)
  • “Amour et Psyche” by Molière, Carouge theatre (2nde and 1er classes)
  • “Hänsel et Gretel” musical, Ferme Marignac (Primary classes)
  • The organ and the cinema, Claparède college ( Primary classe)
  • “De la serenade à la symphonie” Youthe concert, Victoria hall (Primary classes)
  • In-school End of Year show, out on by our students and their drama teacher (all classes)
  • “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck in English, Espérance theatre (1er and Terminale classes)
  • “La Cagnotte” from Labiche, Loup theatre (5ème)
  • “The Fisherman and his wife” musical, Ferme Marignac (Primary classes)
  • “La poésie en chanson” by Pierre Alain, Rodolphe Töpffer theatre (Primary to 3ème classes)
  • “Frida Kahlo” – in the context of Spanish lessons, Galpon theatre (2nd to Terminale)

Fun Activities

  • Induction Day: tree climbing (Primary and 2nde classes), indoor climbing (4ème and 3ème classes), bowling (5ème and 6ème classes)
  • In-school chess tournament and voluntary participation in the Genevan inter-school chess championships (all classes)
  • In-school table tennis and table soccer (all classes)
  • End of Year show and prize giving (all classes)
  • End of Year trip: Swiss vapeur parc (primary) and Aquaparc (6ème to 2nde classes), Bouveret