le lycee theme classeSECURITY

For Primary classes

Several activities related to this theme are organised during the school year; a conference by the fire department on avoiding and dealing with fire or accidents, First Aid training, highway code training given by the police service, etc.


For the 9ème class (Geneva system) – also referred to as 6ème in the French system (6th grade USA and Year 7 in UK)

Raising awareness about sustainable development, recycling, energy consummation and economy, saving water. The classes take part in Clean Up day and Land Art creation.

Having received and kept the label “Eco-school” since 2018, the lycée organises many activities on this theme for all the students.


For the 10ème class (Geneva system) – also referred to as 5ème in the French system (7th grade USA and Year 8 in UK)

The advantages and risks of new technologies; conferences are organised on themes including bullying, the dark web, dangerous sites, plagiarism, copyright law, Internet and social media.


For the 11ème class (Geneva system) – also referred to as 4ème in the French system (8th grade USA and Year 9 in UK)

“mens sana in corpore sano”

Sport: It is not just a question here of developing sporting skills but of passing on values such as endurance, courage, team spirit and keeping fit through activities such as via ferrata climbing, tree and wall climbing, skiing, hiking, etc.

Health: This theme is covered in science classes on the subjects of alcohol, eating disorders, drugs and tobacco etc.


For the 3ème in the French system (9th grade USA and Year 10 in UK)

Visits to museums and exhibitions, monuments or important sites and participation in cultural events such as the biannual contemporary art exhibition in Lyon, introduce this theme to our students. They also take part in conferences with artists and visit a cultural city on the school study trip.


For the Seconde class in the French system (10th grade USA and Year 11 in UK)

This theme is approached via the visit of museums such as the Red Cross, Ethnography or Voltaire museums in Geneva, or temporary exhibitions, theatre and cinema trips, cultural events such as the Book exhibition, interviews with actors and authors… The location of the lycée in the cosmopolitan city of Geneva enables multiple activities and trips throughout the school year in order to awaken the curiosity and critical eye of each student in relation to a broad yet in-depth general cultural knowledge.