le lycee cours sportle lycee cours sportle lycee cours sport

These are the sporting activities offered by the lycée during the school year in the course of physical education classes:

Class 1st term 2nd term
3rd term
8ème* / CM 2** Cross, football / basketball Swimming and badminton Obstacle course and orienteering
9ème* / 6ème** Cross, football / basketball Ice skating and badminton Obstacle course and orienteering
10ème* / 5ème** Cross, football / basketball Ice skating and badminton Obstacle course and orienteering
11ème* / 4ème** Cross, football or basketball Badminton mainly Athletics and orienteering
3ème** Cross, football or basketball Bodybuilding and volleyball Athletics and orienteering
2nde** Cross, football or basketball Badminton Athletics and beach volleyball
1ère** Mid-distance running Badminton Team sports
Terminale** Mid-distance running Badminton Bodybuilding

* Genevan school system ** French school system


Objectives: achieving the best possible results in running, long and high jump, javelin and shot put in a safe and suitable manner. Taking on the role of judge and timekeeper for one’s classmates.


Objectives: winning by achieving a maximum number of points and using a wide variety of shots. Counting points and refereeing for classmates.


Objectives : choosing the quickest route to find markers with the help of a map. Respecting both the security rules and the environment.

Cross Country Running

A timed race through the Genevan countryside which will help prepare students for the traditional ‘Escalade’ race in which they can participate.


Objectives : with either a dive-in or in-water start, students are expected to achieve the best possible time in crawl or freestyle, pick up an object in the water and follow the hygiene and security rules.

Ice Skating

Freestyle skating, respecting security rules including obligatory helmet.

Team Sports

  • Football, volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball, handball and tchoukball:
    In a safe and small team environment, students aim to win through continuous play. Becoming part of a team, respecting the opponent and the referee’s decision.
  • Rugby:
    Mixed small team environment in a sports hall with adapted non-contact rules to ensure student safety. The objective is to be able to pass the ball amongst players up the pitch.
  • Hockey:
    Indoor sport with adapted rules and material to ensure student safety. The objective is to win while working effectively as a team, respecting teammates, opponents and the referee’s decision.

Mid-distance running

Students run 3 races of 500 metres with 10 minutes recuperation time between each race. They are timed to the nearest second. The students note their expected time for the first and second attempts. The total time of the three races counts for 70% of the marks, and the proximity to estimated time counts for the other 30%.


Identify the main muscle groups (upper body/trunk/lower body). Exercises according to a theme (power, maintenance/tonicity, muscle volume) respecting a work method (load, number of sets, repetitions, recovery time).