School equipment

le lycee fornituresAt the start of the school year each student must bring the following equipment: a school bag, homework diary, complete pencil case, coloured pencils (small box), compass, simple calculator (until class of 3ème and afterwards a Texas Instrument TI-83 CE PYTHON edition), ruler, set square, protractor, A4 squared paper. We recommend students use medium width A4 ring binder with two rings (as opposed to four), with coloured dividers and plastic sleeves. Each teacher will also give students a list of specific equipment depending on their subject.

  • Textbooks will be given out during the first few days of term. The invoice for books, along with a flat rate for photocopies and educational material will be sent to parents.
  • Primary students will receive a separate list of necessary equipment.
  • The students have lockers assigned nominatively by the school assistant, all they have to do is bring a padlock.

Daily timetable

 (*concerns the boarding house):

7am/7:15* Wake up and breakfast
8:15am Lessons start (each lesson lasts 50 minutes)
10am-10:15am Morning break and snack
12-1:05pm Lunch break
1:05pm Lessons start
3:50pm- 4pm Afternoon break and snack
4pm – 5pm Study hall monitored by teachers
6:45pm* Evening meal
7:30-9pm* Study hall monitored by teachers or school trips and visits
10:15pm* Bedtime

NOTICE: The daily timetable may be altered depending on individual or class timetable

Weekly timetable

  • All-day schooling from Monday to Friday; supervised study hall is obligatory for every class, except for upon specific parental request.
  • Wednesday: lessons finish between midday and 5pm depending on the options chosen by the student and the class timetable.
  • Friday: lessons finish between 2pm and 5pm depending on extra classes taken by the student.

Academic Organisation

le lycee info generalesIn order to closely follow the progress made by each student, various evaluations are frequently organised throughout the school year. These evaluations may be:
-formative or self-evaluating, to identify skills acquired and to assess areas that need extra help.
-summative evaluations that validate learning acquisition in relation to educational and career options.

A mid-term report is sent to parents in October and at the end of every term families receive a detailed report containing the grade averages of every subject along with a comment from each teacher. A general comment relating to work, results and behaviour is written by the class teacher. Parents can consult results and homework online at any time using our Pronote intranet program and parent-teacher meetings are organised yearly. The class teacher follows closely the academic progression of students in their class and helps in the elaboration of an individualised educational and career project. This tutor-teacher is the preferred contact person for both students and their parents/legal guardians.

Conditions for passing the school year

promotionOn a progressive scale from 1 to 20, a general grade average of 12/20 or more is needed to pass into the next class. In the case of an average of between 10/20 and 12/20 the class council (composed of subject teachers, class teachers and representation of the administration board) will decide if a pass by way of derogation can be awarded. In the case of a grade average lower than 10/20 the student cannot pass the year.

School Rules


The Rodolphe Töpffer Lycée is an academic and educational establishment where an attitude of tolerance and respect is expected from everyone. Politeness and respect for others, for the environment, for equipment and belongings are an integral part of the school rules.

Arriving late:

Whatever the reason for a late arrival (alarm clock issues, traffic, etc.) parents must IMMEDIATELY inform the school assistant by phone (022 703 51 23) or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A maximum of 3 non-justified late arrivals are accepted per term, beyond this an expulsion warning will be given, accompanied by a one-day suspension. A maximum of 3 warnings will be accepted during one school year. The school assistant has the right to give a detention for any non-justified late arrival. In case of a non-justified late arrival, the student must wait until the study hall to re-join his or her class during the next break. By justified we mean explained and excused by parents and/or legal guardians.

The number of late arrivals (justified or non-justified) appears on the school report.


Pre-planned absences can only be requested for serious reasons, in writing, at least three days in advance. Requests must be made to the school administration. All students are expected to have caught up on class and homework upon return to class.

Whatever the reason for an absence (illness, accident, etc.), the school assistant must be informed immediately by phone (022 703 51 23) or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A medical certificate is required to justify any absences during the end of term exams and those that take place on Wednesday/Friday afternoons for the lycée Year 11  to 13 in the UK system, and 10th to 12th grade USA) Without this justification the result of 0/20 must be given by the teacher. Given the nature of continual assesment in the baccalaureate, this is also the case all evaluations for the classes of premier and terminale, moreover every hour of non-justified absence will be sanctioned by one hour of detention on the Friday afternoon. In cases of extended absence the lycée reserves the right to suspend or expel the student concerned.
Parents will be informed by phone of any non-justified absence. Every student must catch up evaluations that take place during their absence, whatever the reason for this absence. Absences are counted in half-days, any amount of time inferior or equal to a half-day will be counted as one half-day and a complete day counts as two absences. The total number of absences (justified or not) features on the school report.

interditOther Rules:

  • Permanent markers, chewing gum, knives and blades are forbidden.
  • In class, caps, food, soda and music players are not accepted.
  • All music is forbidden during study hall periods.
  • The use of mobile phones, tablets or computers are forbidden between 8.15am and 5pm within lycée premises except for during lunch break or with express permission from a member of staff, upon penalty of confiscation.
  • Mobile phones must be used responsibly. Any publication of slander, vulgarity or insulting material on Internet or elsewhere will lead to sanctions including expulsion. It is also forbidden to charge mobile devices in the classrooms.
  • Alcoholic beverages and the consumption of alcohol are totally forbidden at all times.
  • Students are not permitted to smoke, inside or close to the lycée at any time of day. If this rule is not respected the student will be suspended or expelled. This includes electronic cigarettes and any smoking device.
  • Bringing any amount of drugs, or equipment related to their consummation, use or sale of drugs will result in immediate and permanent expulsion; no forewarning or appeal is possible.
  • Ripped or holed trousers, trousers that are unsuitably low-waisted, uncovered midriff, tattoos, visible piercings, hair fancy shaved or dyed in unnatural colours, and for boys earrings and long hair (not tied up) are forbidden. In general, appropriate clothing is required.
  • The students in Primary through to 4ème class (Year 5 to year 9 UK system, 4th grade to 8th grade in USA) included are not allowed to leave the campus until the end of the school day, including lunchtime, unless they eat at home.
  • Students in 3ème (Year 10 in UK system, 9th grade in USA) and above are allowed to leave the campus between lessons and during lunch break, unless a specific request is made by parents.
  • It is forbidden to picnic in the lycée except in room 16 during lunch break.
  • Day students are not permitted to enter the boarding area, especially the bedrooms.
    Parents are asked to remind their children of certain rules relative to community life, including punctuality, hygiene, politeness, tolerance of others and of differences. Initiatives that aim to develop a spirit of perseverance, intellectual curiosity, creativity and supporting others will always be encouraged.
  • Off campus students are under the responsibility of their parents. During school trips the school rules apply and students are expected to adopt exemplary behaviour.



Sanctions have a role in the educational process. They enable students to understand limits and take both personal responsibility (classwork not carried out for example) and responsibility as part of a larger community (not following community life). Staff will explain the reason behind such sanctions to the students to enable them to understand and learn from their errors. Detentions are exceptional in nature and are thus accorded the importance they deserve.
Whatever the reason for a detention, if a student receives more than three in one week (from Thursday to Thursday) an official warning and a day’s suspension will be given, as is the case if a student does not undertake any detentions given. The third detention will be fined 70,- CHF. The student will be expected to have caught up on missed work including homework before his or her return and will re-sit any evaluations missed during this suspension. A maximum of three warnings are accepted before a definitive expulsion.


Personal homework and study is an integral element of learning and is therefore obligatory.
A student who has been absent should phone his or her “correspondant” (– a classmate chosen at the start of the school year who will collect work for an absent student) and check the online homework diary in order to be up to date upon their return to school.
We ask parents to ensure their child has a calm area and sufficient time available to develop the habit of doing homework with the necessary concentration.
Indeed, parents play an important role in ensuring homework is done correctly; we encourage them to check the homework diary and incite their child to produce neat work to the best of their abilities. We also encourage parents to give positive attention to any school work brought home, this boosts a feeling of pride in work well done that will serve students throughout their schooldays and beyond.

Important evaluations must be signed by the parents or legal tutor of students in every class up to and including the “seconde” (Year 11 in UK, 10th grade USA). These evaluations will be numbered so both parents and students can keep a track of results.

Sports class:

sportInstilling a drive for exertion and for bettering oneself is one of our pedagogical aims and we count on the support of parents to ensure this in sports class.

Each student must bring the necessary kit including specific sports shoes with non-marking soles. Failure to do so will mean the student must remain in supervised study hall during the two-hour sports lesson. If the student forgets his or her equipment more than once a term, they will receive a detention. If it becomes apparent that a student is purposefully forgetting their kit then a meeting with the parents will be organised to discuss this and find a solution. In all cases, the student must attend the roll call of the sports class. For security reasons the sports hall and changing rooms will remain open, therefore valuable objects (mobile phones, money, etc.…) should remain safely in the student’s locker at school.

Exemption from sports class:

  • For one lesson: an exceptional request can be made accompanied by parental justification (letter, email, etc.).
  • For a medical appointment the student should provide the supporting documents from the doctor the next day.
  • For an absence longer than one lesson: a medical certificate must be presented before the second class.
  • A student who is exempt from sports class will remain in supervised study hall for the duration of the class; depending on the health of the student concerned they may be allowed to return home after a request by the parents has been taken into account.
  • For students in premier and terminale classes a yearly medical certificate exempting sport does not conform to baccalaureate requirements. Students must attend sports classes, where an adapted programme will take into account their injury or disability.

School Transport :

In order to ensure the security of our students we expect the following rules to be adhered to:

  • Attach the seatbelt as soon as seated and keep it attached until arrival
  • Speak quietly, no shouting or whistling in the bus
  • Do not eat or drink in the bus
  • Do not put head or arms out of the window
  • Do not throw things from the window
  • Do not leave litter or any objects in the bus
  • Do not damage seats or any part of the bus

These rules apply to all students, whatever their age. The school administration, represented by Maya Gabioud and Joseph Gabioud reserve the right to undertake any sanction deemed necessary in the case non-respect of these rules, with no possibility of appeal.

Extra Information

  • Insurance: Parents are responsible for insuring their child in case of illness, accident and civil responsibility; these will not be covered by the lycée’s insurance.
  • The lycée refuses responsibility in case of loss or theft. Students are advised to leave valuable belongings and money at home or leave them at reception for safekeeping. Any school material lost or damaged by a student will be replaced at their expense.
  • School attestation: will be provided for each student upon request at the Secretary's office.
  • Student card and class photo: will be given to each student in September and billed for.
  • Confidentiality: The staff and administration respect the confidentiality concerning all personal information related to students and their families. Photos taken during our various school activities will not name students and will be present on our social networks, our website and our publicity. Please contact the Administration office in writing if you wish to withdraw your tacit agreement to this policy.
  • Parental authorisations concerning various aspects of school life may be given by email.
  • Religion: lycée Töpffer is secular school open to all cultures and religions. We are open to particular provisions that may be requested.
  • Car Park: except for spaces reserved for visitors, parking space is only available for members of staff and employees. This is to guarantee access for emergency vehicles, deliveries and the school buses. Parking for motorized scooters and motorbikes can be found at the entrance gate and there is space within the campus to leave bicycles, scooters, etc. (students are advised to bring their own lock).