A wide variety of activities are organised for the lycée’s boarders. Sporting and cultural activities are favoured through the regions extensive structures in these domains.

School and boarding staff accompany all trips and visits and participants are expected to follow school and boarding house rules as well as any specific instructions on every trip.

A list of activities organised by the Lycéee Töpffer during the School Year 2016-17 as way of an example of activities proposed:

Autumn 2016

  • Cinema in Auchamps
  • Indoor climbing wall Neydens
  • Diving at Geneva beach
  • Cinema-Club outing
  • Escape room challenge
  • Roller skating Annecy
  • Halloween party (decoration, make-up and disguises, food etc)
  • Water-skiing in Sevrier
  • Laser game in Ville La Grand
  • Various creative DIY
  • Rafting in Thonon
  • Professional make up and hairdressing workshop
  • Baking workshop

Winter 2016-17

  • laser game in Ville la Grand
  • Indoor climbing wall Neydens
  • Skking at resorts including Les Carroz, La Clusaz, etc
  • Christmas party ( decoration, meal, etc.)
  • Election Miss and Mister Töpffer
  • Weekend at Europapark
  • Bains de Lavey thermal baths
  • Video montage workshop
  • Cinema club
  • Snake sledge outing to les Carroz
  • Go-karting in Annemasse
  • Baking workshop
  • Escape room challenge

Spring 2017

  • Wakeboard in Seysell
  • Curling in Geneva
  • Stand Up Paddle in Seysell
  • Windsurfing in Thonon
  • Swimming in lake
  • Go-karting in Rumilly
  • Walk around Annecy
  • Fatasticable mountain slide
  • Weekend in Corsica
  • Creative DIY
  • Baking workshop
  • Laser game in Ville la Grand
  • Paintball in Gaillard
  • Climbing the Salève mountain
  • Swimming at Vitam parc